GoPro was a nascent consumer electronics brand. The Hero3 just hit the market and they were looking to scale. GoPro products were primarily found in skate and surf shops; their target demographic. However, in order to grow they needed to attract a mainstream audience. This meant that the Hero3, and its various mounts and accessories, needed to be featured in big box retail stores such as Target and Best Buy. The problem to solve was, "How do we help educate retail associates (who may not be action sport enthusiasts) about GoPro so they can properly help customers who may be seeing a Hero3 for the first time?" 

The GoPro Retail Training App allowed the retail associate to not only learn about the product, but also get immersed in the GoPro brand. GoPro's first-person POV videos were gaining in popularity. In addition, associates were also able to identify what was available in the box and learn about the variety of mounts and accessories specific for a use case.

Concept, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Design Production

Hero Wall - Globally accessible drawer featuring GoPro media

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