In the past few years, Toyota has embraced mobile in new, innovative, and exciting ways.  A number of mobile web and mobile app experiences have been built and launched in a short time frame. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of redundant, duplicative effort, inconsistent solutions coming out. Many associates were still learning about the power of mobile and what it's benefits were for the organization. Toyota Mobile Experiences Portal was born. It was a responsive site that put to practice the mobile principles it tried to teach. Toyota MEP provided comprehensive tools and documentation for Toyota associates and business partners to collaborate. It became the one-stop shop for associates and business partners to see and learn about all the Mobile initiatives taking place at Toyota.

UX, Concept, Visual Design


Mobile Login

Home Page

Mobile Home Page

Explore - Provided documentation depending on the stage of the mobile experience development.

Mobile Explore

Library - Provided examples of apps and sites built, organized by the stage of the customer journey

Mobile Library

Customer-Centric Journey Chart - Details the customer buying cycle and how mobile can support each stage

Mobile - Customer Centric Journey Chart